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2009-10-13 04:29:32 by excecutor365

So hi newgrounds, thats my first account on NG, I think here I can upload my tracks made by me. So bout me :D Im a Russian student, I'm 14, (15 on next week, yay!) I study English 10 years already, but my english is not perfect. I'm interesed in madness combat, and I'm a big fan of Krinkels :DDD And I love death metal genre in music, also Drum'n'bass and Hardstyle (all of these genres I'm creating a tracks) Also I have big skills in Photoshop, I can make any kind of buttons or smth else, I'm drawing, but not so good, because I want planshet(or how it named in English) ((I will get it on b-day!! :D)) so, I think I can participate in some flash projects ^^ So seeya



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